Kenyans In France Community aim is to unite kenyans living in the french diaspora.

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    KEFRA SACCO Launch/Goat

    Saturday 23 june 2017

    Sacco Launching in Paris, lots of activities for the whole family, you will also be informed on how to open a Kenya commercial Bank account while you are in France.....

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    Miss East Africa France 2017

    Saturday 1 July 2017

Video of Uhuru Kenyatta and Francois Holland in Paris 4 April 2016!

Uhuru Kenyatta and Holland

Video of Uhuru Kenyatta and Francois Holland in Paris 4th April 2016.

Uhuru Kenyatta in France

President Uhuru Kenyatta visited the french president Francois Holland at l'Elysee on the 4 of April 2016 where they discussed issues concerning security and investments.

  • News | Ali And The 40 Clients!

    Salim Cargo Services managed by Ali Salim is trying to convince its clients to pay the 2 million Kenya shillings to the Kenya Ports Authorities for storage and taxes ...

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  • Kenyan Tshirts

    High quality t-shirts with Kenyan flag on the left 7cm by 5cm written Kenya,Soft-touch jersey,Super longline cut, Machine wash, 100% Cotton

  • News | Kenyans among migrants of Calais!

    A dozen of Kenyans are among those trying to join the England. With a majority of single men they ...

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  • Sending goods Kenya | Ali Salim exposed by clients!

    Six Months later my box is still in the hands of Ali Salim, I am very disappointed. It's bad when a kenyan who knows how we struggle ...

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  • Do you want to cook kenyan food tonight!

    Learn how to cook kenyan food the french way with daily menu updates and a Youtube channel...

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  • Fred Omondi french tour flop!

    The kenyans community in France learned with surprise that a kenyan comedian was supposed to perform in Paris on the 13 and 14 July 2016. The amazing thing...

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  • Miss Pyrenee:Esther Muthoni!

    Esther Muthoni, a kenyan living in France was crowned Miss Pyrenee

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