Kenyans In France

Kenyans In France Community aim is to unite kenyans living in the french diaspora.

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    Connecting Kenyans

    Facilitate kenyan french exchange



Kenya France Diaspora Sacco (KEFRA) registered in kenya by ministry of co-operatives and having a bank account in kcb kenya is open for all kenyans living within Europe.....

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Blogs by kifaransa members.

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  • News | Ali And The 40 Clients!

    Salim Cargo Services managed by Ali Salim is trying to convince its clients to pay the 2 million Kenya shillings to the Kenya Ports Authorities for storage and taxes ...

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  • News | Kenyans among migrants of Calais!

    A dozen of Kenyans are among those trying to join the England. With a majority of single men they ...

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  • Sending goods Kenya | Ali Salim exposed by clients!

    Six Months later my box is still in the hands of Ali Salim, I am very disappointed. It's bad when a kenyan who knows how we struggle ...

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  • Do you want to cook kenyan food tonight!

    Learn how to cook kenyan food the french way with daily menu updates and a Youtube channel...

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  • Fred Omondi french tour flop!

    The kenyans community in France learned with surprise that a kenyan comedian was supposed to perform in Paris on the 13 and 14 July 2016. The amazing thing...

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  • Miss Pyrenee:Esther Muthoni!

    Esther Muthoni, a kenyan living in France was crowned Miss Pyrenee

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