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Ali and the more than 40 clients

28 February 2017

Updated 7 March 2017


SCS clients to pay the bill

Salim Cargo Services managed by Ali Salim is trying to convince its clients to pay the 2 million Kenya shillings to the Kenya Ports Authorities for storage and taxes of containers the company send in mai, June and august 2016.

Since last year 2016 July, clients started complaining of SCS failure to deliver goods as agreed. Ali Salim had promised his clients that their good will be in his kenyan outlets six to eight weeks after collection. Boxes, machines and furnitures that his clients gave him from Belgium, Swiss, Germany and France.

The first auction programmed for Friday 17 Feb cancelled

Due to lack of payment from Ali Salim the Kenya Ports Authority had programmed the first auction to recover the unpaid taxes and storage charges which Ali Salim had given as over 2 million Kenyan shillings. After negociations SCS was given 20 more days to clear his debts, failure to which they will auctioned as programmed.

If the 2 million (equivalent of 20.000 Euros) is not raised in the next few days many Kenyans in Europe risk to loose goods worth more than 30 million Kenya shillings according to our estimations.

A bill of 700000 Kenya shillings to over 2 million

The unpaid bill was initially presented Ali to be 70.000 Euros with time the he pronounced 20.000 Euros, with the explanation that it concerns three containers. In other words apart from the shipping fee to Kenya nothing was paid for all the three containers.

Calculation time

Ali sends a 40 feet container to Kenya with a capacity of 26580 kg. If he charges 6 Euros par Kilo he will get 159.480 Euros. As he charges his clients collection fee and he does not pay insurance, the only expenses he has in Europe are transport fee to Kenya and warehouse rent. Transport estimation of a 40 feet container from Germany to Kenya with is 3300 Euros.

Take total fee par kilo less transport costs and other costs (approximately 4000 Euros, Rent and telephone) You get 155.480 Euros to pay demurrage KRA, SCS, CFS charges and the rest. You have missed something, me too, let the clients pay and the story is over.

Dont forget that Ali had send three Containers.

The Womaniser and Poor management

During our research of information of whow clients money was used, we realised that some of his clients never paid, but in exchange there was bed side payment.

Most of his clients in Germany never made full payment and had promised to pay onces goods arrive.

In the three containers that are having problems in Mombasa, one full container belongs to Ali, meaning he had to finance all expences with clients cash!

Ali's company has no records of his clients, names, amounts paid, nature of goods send, receiver of the goods in Kenya.

The containers were not send with the companys name but as personal property of his wife.

He never insured the containers and never paid taxes neither in Germany or Kenya.

Mixed reactions

Ali Salim request to contribute for goods they had paid created mixed reactions among his clients. For those who have send expensive things prefer to contribute to save their goods from auction. Others say that Ali Salim should assume his responsibilities and are not ready to pay for the mismanagement of a company, and if he does not deliver their things to destination they will take the case to court.

A client from Swiss told us he prefers to pay extra 200 euros to save his goods worth than 6000 euros. From France a client told us he send a carton worth less than 100 euros and giving a single cent to Ali will be a waste as there is no guarantee that he will deliver the goods.

Another client from Germany told us that he was blocked on Facebook and Ali never answered his calls, now he wants me to be on his side, let him fulfill the contract we made, if not I will report him to the Germany police.

To raise the over 2 million Kenya shillings a proposition was made that each client should give at least 200 euros, which was unacceptable for those whose things are worth less than the 200 euros.

WhatsApp For Clients To Get Updates And Raise Money

On the 28 February Ali Salim created a WhatsApp group to inform and convince those who send goods with his company last year to participate cover the expenses. Here is the link to join the group reserved Ali Salim clients

Attention Reserved for Ali Cargo Services Clients only"

To get informed and raise the required cash three group have been formed in the concerned countries, France, Germany And Swiss.

To join the groups via WhatsApp for those concerned here are the links:




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