Kenyans in France groups !

To develop social networking kenyans in france have come up with groups where you can share or exchange ideas, informations and other interests

Kenyans In France !

kenyans in france

Kenyans in France has a Facekbook page and YahooGroups! social networking.

To get Kenyans in France Facekbook page uddates you just need to like the page.

Kenyan in France Facebook Page

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Kenya France Sacco !


Kefra Sacco

Kenya France Diaspora Sacco (KEFRA) is registered in kenya by ministry of co-operatives as a diaspora Sacco. Kenya France Diaspora Sacco is open for all kenyans living within Europe.

Kefra website

Kefra Facebook

Kenya France Business Club !


KFBC website

Kenya France Business Club principal missions include; promoting business and investment opportunities between France and Kenya in order to be in line with "Kenya Vision 2030", serve as a privileged bridge between Anglophone and Francophone business communities, create platforms to network and exchange knowledge and experiences, organise economic, social and cultural events around France.

KFBC website

KFBC Facebook

Wakenya WhatsApp !


Wakenya is a social network group through WhatsApp an application available in both Apple Store and Android Market

To join Wakenya Whatsapp Group Download WhatsAPP application from Apple Store or Android Market

Then join the group copy and paste the link below to your internet browser:

Or send your number through mail by filling the form below



Phone number:

Kenyans In South Of France !

kenyans in south of france

Kenyans in the South of France is a Facebook page where you can connect with kenyans in the south of France

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Kenyans in the South of France Facebook.

Kenyan Ladies in France !

kenyan ladies in france

Kenyan Ladies in France is a Facebook page for kenyan ladies in France

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Kenyan Ladies in France Facebook.

Franco Kenyan Gastronomy!

Franco Kenyan Gastronomy

Franco Kenyan Gastronomy Facebook Page, a place to share mix refined gastronomic recipes, starting from France heading to Kenyan Safari.

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Franco Kenyan Gastronomy Facebook.