Kenyans in France | News | Kenyans Among Migrants Of Calais!

The evacuation of the biggest refugee camp

Kifaransa | News | Kenyans among the migrants of Calais!

26 October2016


The evacuation of the biggest refugee camp "the jungle" of Calais in the north of France started on Monday 24 October and will last for a week, during which migrants will be attributed to the 280 reception centres across France after being separated into different categories: single men, families, vulnerable people and unaccompanied minors.

Kenyans among the migrants

The slum that had become a symbol of Europe's refugee crisis hosted more that 8000 migrants with a majority from Afghanistan, Eritrea, Sudan and Syria.

A dozen of Kenyans are among those trying to join the England. With a majority of single men they promised to try their chance to cross as they don't see their future in France.

UK to take minors with family links

On Tuesday, Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said all unaccompanied minors "with proven family links in Great Britain" would eventually be transferred to Britain.